'Authorized' Great Bible

'Authorized' Great Bible
The Great Bible was the first 'authorized' English Bible. The Bible was authorized to be created by King Henry VIII in 1538. Where he declared "[every parish church]one book of the whole Bible of the largest volume in English."(Britannica). The Publication came in 1539.

The Great Bible itself translation was primarily the work of William Tyndale as found in the Matthew Bible. As well as translations by Miles Coverdale a protestant priest and linguist.

The Printing was done in Paris and the batch of 2,500 copies arrived in London in April 1539.

The reason it was referred to as the Great Bible was due to its large size.

The leaf consists of Jeremiah 25:32-28 chapter introduction. (KJV translation equivalent). Chapter 25 accounts Captive Judah will serve Babylon for seventy years—Various nations will be overthrown—In the last days, all the inhabitants of the earth will be at war. Chapter 26 accounts Jeremiah prophesies the destruction of the people—For this he is arraigned, tried, and then acquitted. Chapter 27 accounts The Lord sends word to many nations that they are to serve Babylon—The vessels of the Lord’s house will go into Babylon. Chapter 28 accounts Hananiah prophesies falsely that the Babylonian yoke will be broken.

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Date Created
1539 A.D.
Henry the VIII of England
Myles Coverdale
10W x 14.75H in.
Temporal Coverage
16th Century
Collecting Areas
English History of Writing Collection
English English Bibles

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