Beyond Suffrage and Beyond the U.S.

Part 6: Beyond Suffrage

Gaining suffrage has been one goal of women around the world and women have sought for greater equality in society within that struggle. The personalities listed here demonstrate that continued history in the United States and beyond.


"…When we look at Rosa Parks, people often think that she was – she did that because of her civil rights and wanting to sit down on the bus. But she also did that – it was a rebellion of maids, a rebellion of working class women, who were tired of boarding the buses in Montgomery, the public space, and being assaulted and called out-of-there names and abused by white bus drivers. And that’s why that Movement could hold so long. If it had just been merely a protest about riding the bus, it might have shattered. But it went to the very heart of black womanhood, and black women played a major role in sustaining that movement."

-Ruby Nell Sales, as quoted in the Library of Congress Civil Rights History Project