Bishop's & Rheims New Testament Comparative

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Bishop's & Rheims New Testament Comparative
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This Bible contains two translations within its pages which embody a core feud between Catholic and Protestant ideology of the 16th century. In 1582 the Catholic Church broke their thousand-year-old Latin tradition by translating the Latin Vulgate into English into what is known as the Rheims New Testament out of fear that "Catholics would read heretical translations [in English Bibles] for want of better" (Ackroyd).

In this Bible, the New Testament "translated out of the vulgar Latin by the Papists of the traitorous Seminary at Rheims" is compared to "the translation out of the original Greek, commonly used in the Church of England" (spelling standardized from original text). Even in the language of the title page, one can feel of the contempt for the Catholic Church from the Church of England. This contempt is further felt in the marginal notes, where the compilers regularly show the contradictions between the Rhemes translation and the Church of England translation, favoring the Church of England in all cases.
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Ackroyd, Peter R., C. F Evans, G. W. H. Lampe, and S. L. Greenslade. 1963. The Cambridge History of the Bible. University Press, 1963-70. Vol. 3.
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