Douay-Rheims Bible Vol. II

Douay-Rheims Bible Vol. II
Alternative Title
Douai-Rheims Bible
Douay-Rheims Bible
Doway-Rheims Bible
This first edition Douay-Rheims Bible contains the final product of the full Catholic Bible translated into English from the Latin Vulgate. The Catholic Church had already translated the New Testament into English with their Rheims translation in 1582. Finally, the Old Testament was added by translators at the English school in Douai, France (spelled "Doway" in English) in 1609.

By this time there were multiple translations of the Bible into English as a result of the Protestant movement. Many people in the Catholic church were worried that "Catholics would read heretical translations [in English Bibles] for want of better" (Ackroyd). The final translation of the Old Testament in Douay added to the Rheims translation therefore completed the Catholic Church's very first complete English Bible.
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Ackroyd, Peter R., C. F Evans, G. W. H. Lampe, and S. L. Greenslade. 1963. The Cambridge History of the Bible. University Press, 1963-70. Vol. 3.
Date Created
1609 AD
Lawrence Kellam
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Douai, France
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First Edition
Ex libris sticker on back of front cover: "Robert Vaughan-Hughes. Wyelands."

Robert Vaughan-Hughes was a "Clerk in Holy Orders of Wyelands in [the Mathern] Parish, born February 14 1819 died April 6 1901." He is buried at St Tewdric's church in Mathern, Wales ("Grave 279").
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“Grave 279 - VAUGHAN HUGHES.” Mathern, Monmouthshire. Mathern Community Council. Accessed February 12, 2021.
"Eadeth Grooms her gift to her sonne Gabriell" handwritten at the top of the title page
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The Holie Bible Faithfully Translated into English, out of the Authentical Latin. Diligently conferred with the Hebrews, Greeke, and other Editions in diuers languages. With Arguments of the Bookes, and Chapters: Annotations: Tables: and other helpes, for better underftanding of the text: for difcouerie of Corruptions in fome late tranflations: and for clearing controversies in Religion. Vol. 2. 2 vols. Douay: Lawrence Kellam, 1609.
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