The New Testament - Rheims

The New Testament - Rheims
Alternative Title
Rheims New Testament
Reims New Testament
As more Bibles were being published in vernacular English by various Protestant scholars, the Catholic Church felt the pressure to create their own. Out of fear that "Catholics would read heretical translations [in English Bibles] for want of better," the Catholic Church broke their thousand-year Latin tradition by translating the New Testament from Latin into English (Ackroyd). This translation process occurred in the French town of Reims (also Rheims or Rhemes), France and was published in 1582.
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Ackroyd, Peter R., C. F Evans, G. W. H. Lampe, and S. L. Greenslade. 1963. The Cambridge History of the Bible. University Press, 1963-70. Vol. 3.
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1582 AD
John Fogny
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16th Century
First Edition
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English English Bibles
English History of Writing Collection
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Bishop's New Testament Rheims Comparative
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Ex Libris on the back of the front cover shows that this book was possibly owned by John Wodehouse, "3rd Baron Wodehouse... [and] 1st Earl of Kimberley" (1826-1902), who served on various platforms in the Liberal party of the British Government (Blain, 2019).
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Blain, Rev. Michael, "The Canterbury Association (1848-1852): A Study of Its Members' Connections." 2019.
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The Nevv Testament of Iesvs Christ, Translated Faithfully into English, out of the authentical Latin, according to the beft corrected copies of the fame, diligently conferred vvith the Greeke and other editions in diuers languages; Vvith Argvments of bookes and chapters, Annotations, and other neceffarie helpes, for the better vnderftanding of the text, and fspecially for the difcouerie of the Corrvptions of diuers late tranflations, and for cleering the Controversies in religion, of thefe daies: In the English College of Rhemes. Rhemes: John Fogny, 1582.

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