Biblia Hebraica & Novum Testamentum Græcum

GRO #9
Biblia Hebraica & Novum Testamentum Græcum
Alternative Title
Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament
Printed two years after the Catholic Church's first English Bible in the midst of the Protestant Reformation, this Bible emphasizes the translation of the Bible from the original languages of Hebrew and Greek into Latin possibly in a counteractive movement to Protestant translations of the Bible that were seen as heretical.

The title page, written in Latin, states that it was published in "ANTVERPIEAE" by "Christophori Plantini." A rough Latin translation would mean that this Bible was probably printed in Antwerp, Belgium by the famous printer Christoph Plantin who helped to create the Antwerp polygot (a Bible with several translations presented side by side). This Bible shows the tradition of the polygot Bible by providing the reader with Hebrew, Greek, and Latin translations.

Within the text, The Old Testament runs from right to left containing the Hebrew text with the Latin translation running along. Each major book of the Old Testament (The Law, The Prophets, and the Writings) starts its page numbers independently (ex: after Deuteronomy, the book of Joshua starts as page 1).

A similar pattern happens with the New Testament and the Apocrypha which run from left to right in Greek with the Latin translation running along. The page numbering system starts over once the New Testament finishes and the Apocrypha begins in a similar fashion with the major books of the Old Testament.
Date Created
1584 AD
Christophori Plantini
B. Arias Montanus
Augustinus Hunnaeus
Cornelius Reyneri Goudanus
Iohannes Wilhel. Harlemius
Geographical Coverage
Temporal Coverage
16th Century
Collecting Areas
Groberg Collection
History of Writing Collection
Bibliographic Citation
_Novvm Testamentvm Cræcvm, Cvm vulgata interpretatione Latina Græci contextus lineis inferta : Quæ quidem interpretatio cùm à Græcarum dictionum proprietate difcedit, fenfum, videlicet, magis quàm verba exprimens, in margine libri eft collocata : atque alia Ben. Ariæ Montani Hispalensis operâ è verbo reddita, ac diuerfo characterum genere diftincta, in eius eft fubftituta locum. Accesservnt & huic editioni Libri Græcè fcripti, quos Ecclefia Orthodoxa, Hebræorum Canonem fecuta, inter Apocryphos recenfet ; Cum interlineari interpretatione Latina ex Bibliis Complutenfibus deprompta_, and _Biblia Hebraica. Eorvndem Latina Interpretatio Xantis Pagnini Lvcensis, Recenter Benedicti Ariæ Montani Hifpal. & quorundam aliorum collato ftudio. Ad Hebraicam dictionem diligentiffimè expenfa. Acceffervnt & huic editioni libri Græcè fcripti, quos Ecclefia orthodoxa, Hebræorum Canonem fecuta, inter Apocryphos recenfet; cum interlineari interpretatione Latina ex Bibliis Complutenfibus petita_ (Antwerp: Chriftophori Plantini, 1584).

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