Divinæ Scripturæ

GRO #8
Divinæ Scripturæ
Alternative Title
Greek Bible
Divinae Scripturae
Divine Scriptures
A Bible containing the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and New Testament in Greek. The title page, preface, and footnotes are written in Latin.

There are various handwritten notes found in the manuscripts, especially on the back of the front cover. These were most likely written in the 19th century, as the dates 1809 and 1814 are visible.

Bibles like these were often used by students of Greek to better learn the language. There was also a greater call for Bibles in Greek and Hebrew in order to get closer to the original text. The Protestant movement created a desire within the common people to access the scriptures themselves rather than through a second party such as the Catholic Church, which also sought to translate the Bible and retain its purity.

The inscription on the back cover under the portrait of the monarch on the throne is possibly a scripture from 1 Kings 3.
Date Created
1597 AD
Adreæ Wecheliheredes
Claudium Marnium
Ioan. Aubrium
Geographical Coverage
Temporal Coverage
16th Century
Collecting Areas
Groberg Collection
History of Writing Collection
Various handwritten notes on the back of the front cover. Presently uninterpreted.
"Sum ex libris M. Christiani [Bourish?]" handwritten on the title page
"Eduardus Adolphus Schmidius [Leutpetreus?]" handwritten on the title page
Bibliographic Citation
ΤΗΣ ΘΕΙΑΣ ΓΡΑΦΗΣ, ΠΑΛΑΙΑΣ ΔΗΛΑΔΗ ΚΑΙ ΝΕΑΣ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗΣ, ΑΠΑΝΤΑ. Divinæ Scriptvræ, nempe veteris ac novi testamenti, omnia, Recens à viro doctißimo & linguarum peritißimo diligenter recognita, & multis in locis emendata, variis ꝙ lectionibus ex diuerforum Exemplarium collatione decerptis, & ad Hebraicam veritatem in veteri Teftamento teuocatis aucta & illuftrata. Frankfurt: Andræ Wecheliheredes, Claudium Marnium, & Ioan. Aubrium, 1597.

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