Testamenti Veteris Biblia Sacra I

GRO #21.1
Testamenti Veteris Biblia Sacra I
Alternative Title
Tremellius-Junius Bible
This later edition of a Tremellius-Junius translation of the Bible contains the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and New Testament in Latin. Originally published in 1575-9, this version of the Bible "was the last Latin translation to appear and acquired great fame among Protestants, particularly those of the Reformed Church" (Ackroyd).
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Ackroyd, Peter R., C. F Evans, G. W. H. Lampe, and S. L. Greenslade. 1963. The Cambridge History of the Bible. University Press, 1963-70. Vol. 3.
Date Created
1593 AD
G.B. R.N. & R.B.
Possibly G.B[ishop] R. N[ewbery] and R[obert]. B[arker]

"Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Newbery, Ralph." Wikisource. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Dictionary_of_National_Biography,_1885-1900/Newbery,_Ralph
Franciscus Junius
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16th Century
19th Century
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Groberg Collection
History of Writing Collection
Ex Libris of the Earls of Macclesfield's "South Library" of the Shirburn Castle from 1860 on the back of the front cover
"Many books with this bookplate have been on the market in recent years because they all trace back to the library of the Earls of Macclesfield, the first portion of which was auctioned in 2004 and continued to 12 parts in all, the last being in 2008."

"A Comment on Bookplates: Militar. Collection of the Hon. Lt. Gen.I G.L. Parker." Rare Book Collections @ Princeton. 8 December, 2012. https://blogs.princeton.edu/rarebooks/2012/12/militar-collection/
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Testamenti Veteris Biblia Sacra, Sive, Libri Canonici Prifcæ Iudæorum Ecclefiæ à Deo traditi, Latini recèns ex Hebræ facti, brevibùfque Scholiis illuftrati ab Immanuele Tremellio & Francifco Junio. Accesserunt Libri Qui Vulgo dicuntur Apocryphi, Lantinè redditi, & notis quibufdam aucti à Francifco Junio. Multo omnes quàm antè emendatiùs editi & aucti locis innumeris: quibus etiam adjunximus Novi Teftamenti libros ex fermone Syro ab eodem Tremellio, & ex Græco à Theodoro Beza in Latinum verfos, notífque itidem illuftratos. Vol. 1. 2 vols. London: G.B. R.N. & R.B.

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