The Christian's Complete Family Bible

The Christian's Complete Family Bible
This family Bible contains the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and the New Testament with illustrations throughout. Some of the illustrations in the New Testament fold out. The title page states that within the notes and comments, "the difficult passages are explained; the mistranslations corrected; and the seeming contradictions found in the Oracles of Truth reconciled." This work was the result of "several eminent Divines of the Church of England." This practice of correcting "mistranslations" and giving adequate context through marginal notes was still a huge topic of debate among Christian churches throughout the years as people sought to find the truth of God as best as they could.

On the last page of the index is a handwritten note stating that "The King of Denmark was in Manchester [where the Bible was printed] September 2 1768"

A page of the Bible, contained in a protective plastic covering in the front of the Bible, states the names of the owners of the Bible, their children, and important dates of birth, marriage, and deaths. Placing important family information in the family Bible became a common practice as it was often passed down through the generations.
Date Created
1767 AD
Joseph Harrop
Geographical Coverage
Temporal Coverage
18th Century
Collecting Areas
English History of Writing Collection
English English Bibles
Printed in Manchester, England
Presented by Emily Cook Clark in memory of James Moore Clark
Handwritten records of births, deaths, and marriages for the Moore family in plastic case between the first two endpages. Years range from 1775-1832
Bibliographic Citation
The Christian's Complete Family Bible Containing the Sacred Text of the Old and New Testament At Large. And the Apocrypha. Illustrated with Notes and Comments; Whereby The Difficult Passages Are Explained; The Mistranslations corrected; And The Seeming Contradictions found in the Oracles of Truth Reconciled. A Work of the greatest Ufe in all Families defirous of underftanding the Sacred Writings, the Foundations on which all their Hopes of Happinefs in a future Life are grounded. By feveral eminent Divines of the church of England. Manchester: Joseph Harrop, 1767.

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