Holy Bible (1865)

Holy Bible (1865)
This Bible, printed in Dublin, Ireland, exemplifies the efforts of the Catholic Church to make the Bible accessible to its members while still staying as true as possible to the original Latin translations. According to the Approbation behind the title page, this Bible was compiled collating "the Clementine Vulgate; likewise with the Douay Version of the Old Testament of 1609, and with the Rhemish Version of the New Testament of 1582, and with other approved English Versions." Each of these Bibles were compiled and published with the authority of the Catholic church for its members.

This Bible also seems to appeal to more general audiences by its plentitude of exquisite illustrations. Some full page illustrations are even in full color. There is also a Family Register to record important family information.
Date Created
1865 AD
James Duffy, Sons, and Co.
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19th Century
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English History of Writing Collection
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Bibliographic Citation
The Holy Bible; Translated From The Latin Vulgate, Diligently Compared With The Hebrew, Greek, And Other Editions, In Diverse Languages. The Old Testament First Published By The English College, At Douay, A.D. 1609; And The New Testament, First Published By The English College, At Rheims, A.D. 1582. With Annotations References, Historical And Chronological Index, &c. The Whole Revised And Diligently Compared With The Latin Vulgate With The Appropbation Of His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Cullen, Lord Archbishop Of Dublin, Primate Of Ireland, Delegate Of The Apostolic See, &c. Dublin: James Duffy, Sons, And Co., 1865.

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