Les Mœurs Des Israëlites

Les Mœurs Des Israëlites
Alternative Title
Les Moeurs Des Israëlites
The Manners Of The Israelites
The word "Moeurs" translates directly to the English world "mores" [MORE-eyz], meaning "the fixed morally binding customs of a particular group" (Merriam-Webster). This book is therefore a review of the customs and practices of the people of Israel.

In this book, the history of the people of Israel is viewed through the lens of Christianity, seeing them as the "Saints in the old law," or, practically, as Early Christians preparing for what would become the Christian denomination.

The approbation by the Bishop of Meaux of the 1847 English translation, states that the book is a description of the "manner of life, simple, innocent, regular, an enemy to idleness, and effeminacy, tranquil, though active, and ever holily employed; by which private persons may become useful to themselves, their family and country" (Fleury). It is therefore a way for people to learn from the ways of the ancient Israelites and incorporate their devoted mannerisms into their own lives, albeit filtered through an 18th century British Christian perspective.
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Fleury, Claude. The Manners of the Israelites. Wherein Is Seen the Model of a Plain and Honest Policy for the Government of States, And A. London, United Kingdom: British Library, 1786.

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Date Created
1712 AD
Claude Fleury
Eugene Henry Frix
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18th Century
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"C. [Thibauls]" handwritten at the top of the cover page
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Les Mœurs Des Israëlites Ou L'on Voit Le Modele d'une politique fimple & fincere pour le gouvernement des Etats & de la réforme des mœurs. Par M. Fleury, Prêtre, Précepteur de Monfeigneur de Vermandois. Derniere Edition. Corrigée & augmentée. Brussels: Eugene Henri Frix, 1712.

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