Landscape Illustrations of the Bible Vol I

Landscape Illustrations of the Bible Vol I
This book contains engravings based on drawings by various artists of places mentioned in the Bible with accompanying commentaries. Some images are portrayed how these areas looked at the time of the book's publishing, while others contain actual Bible scenes and reimagining's. The images correlate to the Old Testament books of Genesis to Jonah.

A large number of the illustrations are based off of sketches done by J.M.W. Turner, a British Romantic artist whom some have called "the Shakespeare of English art." In addition to his famously atmospheric, light-filled landscape oil paintings, he also left behind "more than two hundred bound sketchbooks [which are now kept] in the British Museum" (Bishop).

The engravings in this book reflect the fascination of the Romantic Movement (late 18th to mid 19th century) with nature and the deep feelings of awe gleaned from it. Not only are the images in this book instructional, but they obviously seek to imbue the reader with a sense of their emotional import (Encyclopaedia Britannica).
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Date Created
1776 AD
Rev. Thomas Hartwell Horne, B.D.
W. and E. Finden
John Murray
Geographical Coverage
Temporal Coverage
18th Century
Collecting Areas
History of Writing Collection
Presented by Rexburg Stake Presidency
Biblical study
Bibliographic Citation
Horne, Thomas Hartwell, 1780-1862. Landscape illustrations of the Bible, consisting of views of the most remarkable places mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. / From original sketches taken on the spot, engraved by W. and E. Finden. With descriptions by Thomas Hartwell Horne. Vol. 1. 2 Vol. London: John Murray, 1776.

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