A Discoverie of Errovrs

A Discoverie of Errovrs
Alternative Title
A Discovery of Errors
This book was written by Augustine Vincent in an attempt to correct "Catalogue of Nobility" by Raphe Brooke. According to Vincent, he created this work "not so much to please my self... [but] to discharge the duty I owe to Truth, whom I would not see so much blemished, where it lay in me to do her right" (spelling standardized). Despite this righteous cause of Truth, some of the author's sentiment against Brooke is cutting to say the least, as he states that he wanted "to give M. [Brooke] a true Glass, wherein to see himself," and to call him to "[abandon] those multiplying glasses, which have made him believe, that he is so many times more than he is." Curiously, both men's books were published by the same printer, William Jaggard (Brooke).

Besides the tedious critique of his colleague, Vincent's work is a compilation of information on upper class families in various areas on England including their Coat of Arms and their immediate family. The book contains excellent examples of the printed image and shows how much publishers had improved over the years.
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Brooke, Ralph. A Catalogve and Succession of the Kings, Princes, Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, and Viscounts of this Realme of England: Since the Norman Conquest, to this Present Yeare, 1619. Together, with Their Armes, Wiues, and Children... William Iaggard, and sold at his House in Barbican.
Date Created
1622 AD
Augustine Vincent
William Jaggard
Geographical Coverage
Temporal Coverage
17th Century
Collecting Areas
History of Writing Collection
Presented by: Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Cruser
Verso side of first endpaper contains various faint, generally illegible handwritten notes besides the following:
"May 18th, 1925"
"From the library of... F.S.A."
"Catalogue of Nobility," Raphe Brooke
Bibliographic Citation
Vincent, Augustine, 1584-1626. A Discoverie of Errovrs in the firft edition of the Catalogve of Nobility, Pvblished By Raphe Brooke, Yorke Herald, 1619. And Printed heerewith word for word, according to that Edition. With A Continuance of the Succefsions, from 1619. vntill this prefent yeare, 1622. At the end whereof, is annexed A Review of a later Edition, by him ftolne into the world. 1621. London: William Iaggard, 1622.

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