Appiani Alexandrini Romanarum Historium Vol I

Appiani Alexandrini Romanarum Historium Vol I
Alternative Title
Appian's Roman History Vol I
These two volumes contain the history of Rome according to Appian, "a native of Alexandria, [who] compiled in the second century A.D. an ethnographic history of Rome from the Republic to the time of Augustus" (Dilts). As such history was of great importance to historians throughout the ages, his history was published. This edition, printed in Amsterdam, is presented in Greek and Latin.

This work mentions that the text has been edited and corrected by "Henrici Stephani," also known as Henri Estienne. Because of the date of publication, it is possibly Henri Estienne II that did this work. The Estienne family was a prominent name in publishing. Their first printing firm was established in Paris by Henri I, the grandfather of Henri II. The second was established in Geneva by Robert I, the son of Henri I and son of Henri II, who fled Paris due to prejudice he faced for his Protestant beliefs. Among the books published by the family, they are most known for their contributions of classical texts, as can be seen by this volume.

The first volume contains the following histories:
1. The Punic War
2. The Syrian War
3. The Parthian War
4. The Mithriadic War
5. Iberia or Spain
6. Hannibal
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Dilts, Mervin. "The Manuscripts of Appian's Historia Romana." Revue d'histoire des textes 1, no. 1971 (1971): 49-71.
Date Created
1670 AD
Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge
Johannes van Someren
Henri Estienne II
Henrici Stephani
Henricus Stephanus
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17th Century
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English History of Writing Collection
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"The Bibliotheca Lamoniana was a family library built up over two centuries, the most important collector being the last, Chrétien-François de Lamoignon (1735-1789). At his death his best books were sold to the English trade, and they are not at all uncommon in England, perhaps commoner than in France. Guigard and Olivier reproduce various armorial stamps, but most Lamoignon books I have seen are not bound aux armes. They have all had a more peculiar mark of ownership, a crowned L in the margin of page 3 of the text."
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Bibliographic Citation
Appiani, 95-65 AD. ΑΠΠΙΑΝΟΥ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΕΩΣ ΡΩΜΑΙΚΑ. Appiani Alexandrini Romanarum Historiarum. Vol 1. 2 Vol. Amsterdam: Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge & Johannes van Someren, 1670.

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