Dikduk de-lishan arami: in hakhasda'ah Chaldaica grammatica

Dikduk de-lishan arami: in hakhasda'ah Chaldaica grammatica
Alternative Title
Chaldaic Grammar
This book of Chaldaic grammar was written by Sebastian Münster, a German scholar who specialized in Hebrew, geography, and cosmography. Münster also "edited the Hebrew Bible, 2 vol. (1534-35) which was accompanied by a literal translation and a number of annotations" ("Sebastian Münster").

Syro-Chaldaic, "called Aramaic in ancient times... is one of the three languages in which the books or parts thereof, of the Holy Bible, were originally written" (Gabriel of St. Joseph). It is therefore appropriate that, given his history with the Hebrew Bible, he compiled this book of Chaldaic grammar.

The book was published by the famous German Renaissance printer Johann Froben. Froben’s style of typography and book design set a high precedent for early printing in Europe. Froben was also a close friend with the famous Humanist Erasmus, as he published many of his works. He was also close with the artist Hans Holbein, who made several woodcuts at his shop. Froben is also known for printing Thomas More’s “Utopia” and the first Greek edition of the New Testament which was edited by Erasmus (Britannica).

The book reads from right to left to in accordance with the Hebrew text.
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Date Created
1527 AD
Sebastian Münster
Johann Froben
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16th Century
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Pencil inscription on recto side of second endpaper: "Froben, Basel 1527"
Handwritten inscription on title page: "Ex libris [?] Eligii Barnabularum"
Stamp on title page: "Barnabitarvm . S . Eligii . Paris ."
Grammar book
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Münster, Sebastian. 1488-1552. Dikduk de-lishan arami: in hakhasda'ah Chaldaica Grammatica. Basil: Johann Froben, 1527.

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