Discorso di Rinaldo Odoni

Discorso di Rinaldo Odoni
Alternative Title
Discorso di Rinaldo Odoni, per via Peripatetica, ove si dimostra, se l'anima, secondo Aristotele, e mortale, o immortale.
Discourse of Rinaldo Odoni, a Peripatetic, Where it is Shown, if the Soul, According to Aristotle, is mortal, or immortal.
A pamphlet containing a discourse from the Paripatetic (student of Aristotle) Rinaldo Odoni on Aristotelian beliefs of the nature of the Soul. This discourse shows the prevalence of humanist thought during the 16th century.

Two schools of philosophical thought prevailed during the Renaissance of Western Europe: Humanism and Scholasticism. These two ideologies propelled much of what was produced during this time. Humanism was "the study of ancient literature in the original languages" (Hankins) with a focus on "grammar, rhetoric, and poetry and to some extent in moral philosophy" (Kristeller). On the other hand, scholasticism was the intersection of religion and reason, focusing on "logic and of natural philosophy" (Kristeller).

This pamphlet embodies an interesting intersection between the two thoughts, showing how classical thought (Humanism) could explain eternal truths (Scholasticism).

The book bears the seal of Aldus Manutius, an Italian printer who was "the leading figure of his time in printing, publishing, and typography." Aldus's most prominent work was in the publishing of many popular Greek and Latin texts ("Aldus Manutius").
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Date Created
1557 AD
Rinaldo Odoni
Aldus Manutius
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16th Century
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English History of Writing Collection
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Illegible handwritten script on the top of the verso side of the back endpaper
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Odoni, Rinaldo. Discorso di Rinaldo Odoni. Venice: Aldus Manutius, 1557.

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